Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Golden Rule is Basic Halacha

A Quick Thought:
Chabad is full of wonderful emesdike people who reflect the Rebbe’s teachings. Nonetheless, when certain Chabadniks hold blatant double standards and are starkly hypocritical, it makes people become disillusioned with Chabad in general. I left the secular world because I was running away from sheker and wanted emes. It is disheartening when the communal ‘pillars’ display an insensitivity for basic honesty and decency, the golden rule that my secular parents raised me with. Is this the moral education we want to emulate for our children? Is our legacy to the next generation one that teaches that halacha is used selectively to push one’s agenda? No wonder so many of our youth are going off the derech! G-d help!


Rafster said...

Well you are not alone and I expect a whole generation will have to cope with disillusionment. Many people came to Chabad looking for that spiritual vision that you used to find from old chassidim, Zichronos or Likutei Dibborim...You have to dig pretty deep to get past the dross today

Ilana said...

Because many today do not realise how corrupted their whole perspectives on living are. They do not teach values in a world where celebrities are role models, the media feeds erroneous information to the masses and most people have no proper guide to living a decent life.
We are lucky we have the Torah to guide us in our daily lives. Trouble is, many get led astray and we do need to lead more austere lives in order to appreciate the plenty we have been endowed with. Do we need six Iphones or high definition TVs or do we need to have three helpings of food at a meal? The problem is in this world we have lost sight of the essence of life and are existing for the physical pleasures of the world instead of the spiritual pleasures.
Those who are truly wise value learning and people. The material possessions and wealth can be gone in an instant. Everything is from G-D.
I have a brother and sister in law in the states who believe totally that life is about owning possessions or material things. They do not understand the source of all things, spiritual and material is G-D.
When our consciousness is more spiritually centred and balanced around the acknowledgement of a Divine Creator's role in the scheme of things, we see through all the dross and live respectable lives.

The Repenting Jewess said...

And what can we make of the learned frum person who embezzles funds? Or of the chosid who frequents ladies of the evening? Or the frum balabusta and mother of ten who gambles online?
Do these people have split personalities? Do they believe? or is it just the yetzer hora takes over?