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My Reply to the Misinformation Spread about LionFM on my answers in red

Jackie Rozenfled comments are in black, mine are in red.
Jackie wrote: Silver Becher, I have nothing to hide and thus am able to write as ONE person in MY OWN name as MY OWN gender, in this forum. You too have the option to do this though sadly have chosen to write using a faux and second identity in galus.
Jackie, you should re-read your last post where you clearly speak for a group of unknown people. Don't try to deny it
I am well aware of the people who attended the core volunteer meetings and with whom yes, I spent countless days and nights in appointments with lawyers, community heads, arranging functions and at the station. Mooki Greenberg asked Eva,Tali and I to take responsibility for many of the requisite roles at the station. We were not self appointed. That YOU were not involved in these activities in no way means that they did not take place. We have the minutes of all the meetings that were held. We have the lists of all who attended the planning workshops and there was a core group of us…approx 9 in the early days, who at different times met several days
and/ or nights each week.
You were at a few of the public meetings and the one Menachem said you asked to attend, in Glenhuntly road. Do you really feel we could have got 5 lawyers and barristers, 40 volunteers who attended meetings at different times to simultaneously lie? How do you possibly think that we have tape recordings of you and the bullying that went on if it never occurred?
 What lawyers? What a load of B.S.! Unless you can provide affidavits of those  5 lawyers and those 40 volunteers you are speaking pure rubbish and no one has any logical reason to believe you! You also do not know what meetings I attended as you cannot identify me, you can guess who I am but you could be wrong!    By the way, Mookey Grinberg has more radio experience then you ever had, real experience that he can actually prove, without bragging, and he is not at all on your side on any of thee issues so if you know so much about how to run a radio station, why doesn't Mookey agree with you? It is because you really do not know what you are talking about. Your claim that the board has no radio experience or media experience is therefore another one of your empty untruths.

My only reason for writing in here was to present my experience and voice agreement with Bram, Malki, Amit and on behalf of the many other volunteers who do NOT like the nastiness that has transpired and who like me, have felt it would probably be pointless to join in here and so have abstained. What I wrote was not for your benefit but to fill in others who MAY sincerely wish to know the truth.
 And what about you Jackie? You make yourself out to be an angel. I witnessed your  nastiness Jackie, when you malign people, which you never admit. I know about your slandering others, your behind the scene manipulative lies and attempts to divide people against one another, all in your attempt to build yourself up while putting others down. 

There was a smallish group of core volunteers at the time and it was only THEY who attended the legal appointments, wrote and signed the original letters to the executive and who ran all the orientation evenings, worked on the grids, quality control and spent till 3 am at the Sth Yarra studio. I know all of those 9 people, their views and the work that they each did. If you were one of them, then you would not be saying the things that you are. It is really simple logic. I am sorry if you felt left out but we worked well together as a team and our ability to cooperate in peace and speak respectfully to each other was paramount. We did not invite anyone to work with us unless we felt that they would work peacefully and in fact, several poeple joined us along the way. The anger with which you write and your numerous personal digs might indicate that our NOT inviting you to join the working groups was justified. If you have any personal grievances, that is unfortunate but it in no way alters the truth of what I have written but is a direct result of the aggressive way you treat others.
None of my comments are hearsay because so many of us were there and have the recordings of what the exec said. Hearsay means that a person is going purely on what they have heard others say.

You have no idea what hearsay means. Are you threatening to make those recordings public? That would be incredibly nasty of you. But if you did so it would not do anything but prove that there was arguing at these meetings, So what? Arguing does not constitute bullying. It is normal for Jews to argue stop trying to make yourself the poor innocent victim who has never done anything nasty.
You ask why if we were bullied, did we not take the exec members to court. One cannot take a person to court just because they feel bullied. Bullying is neither a civil nor a criminal matter unless certain lines are crossed. It is thus NOT a matter for court. 

Oh, so then you admit it now that there was no bullying, that you just had your little feelings hurt. How dare you go publicly screaming that you were bullied. That is a serious charge to make especially that as you now admit it was not true at all!  You have committed absolute libel and defamation. The truth is Jakcie you did very little productive work and much damaging work, as you admitted yourself at one of the meetings when asked what you had accomplished you could not offer a  single accomplishment. But you did alot of talking, whining, and arguing about how things should be run and, when the board did not submit to your  demands advice, and wishes it angered you,  it hurt your ego, and that is why you went on the warpath against them, behind the scenes spreading your lies.

As an intelligent adult, I presume you know this. In addition, we were doing our utmost at that time, to keep things OUT of the public eye. Our aim waas to assist to build a radio station, not to play games of litigation. The core volunteers all had an agreement to do our utmost to keep the matter OUT OF THE PRESS and away from public scruity to avoid any possible damage to Lion FM or making a chillul Hashem. The matter only came to the attention of the AJN when Michael Lipshutz resigned as President; something that could not remain out of the AJN despite our attempts to ask the AJN NOT to publish any details regarding Lion FM. You simply presumed we wanted this matter made public when in fact we did not.
Your group wanted to keep it out of the press? Yeah sure, so that is why Bram and Malki blogged all about it, to keep it quiet? The bulldust and pile of fecal matter just keeps growing here. This is such an unadulterated bold faced lie that you should crawl under a rock in embarrassment for writing it!
It only took one person to write to the AJN and that one person was NOT one of us volunteers. Do you seek the truth or to criticize others whether or not this reflects reality?
Silver Becher, I’ve responded to your points up until now…but I see they all reflect your lack of understanding. The letter HAD to be sent to ACMA after all our attempts at addressing the problems were ignored by the exec and after one person made the matter public. Our letter to ACMA was a final attempt to SAVE the bandwidth for Lion FM and at the risk of boring readers of Galus comatose, again had you full understanding of the situation, the workings of ACMA or been at the legal appointments, you would understand this too.

 Oh, so you say that in order to save the radio then you had to act to destroy it, is that right? So in order to keep the radio on the air you had to go to the organisation  that issues the license and tell them the board are incompetent and bullies who are breaking the law,  and all the reasons why you believe that the radio should not get the license. That makes alot of sense to a person in an insane asylum.
I am confident of your identity in which case further discussion with you is unfortunately merely a waste of both of our time. I and the other volunteers you malign are just additions to the multitude on your list, of people to hate as is your wont. Many of us have tried to work with you and discuss matters civilly, to no avail. As you have aggressively contacted me in numerous ways in the past may I respectfully request that you do not start again. This is not an attempt to control you but to avoid your early morning calls, angry FB entries, emails and irate messages left on my home phone and mobile.

More unfounded allegations. You may or may not know me but I do know you Jackie, and  you are living up to your reputation very well.

As a final note, if you REALLY believe that my motivation for stating the above is to run the station and control things, you may wish to consider how I would do that given I’ve moved to country Victoria. I will not only NOT be able to have a comedy show with Zeddy Lawrence as planned but will in all likelihood have almost nothing to do with the station once this sad situation has G-d willing, been resolved. My ONLY motive for being involved along with everyone else is to assist LION FM to get a permanent license by our cooperation with ACMA requirements.
I am sorry you feel as bitter as you do but I sincerely hope this fury dissipates and I wish you joy in all your endeavours.
May I wish everyone much nachas in their involvement with Lion FM and with hopes for its longevity,
When you started all your machinations with the radio you were still living here, so having moved proves nothing because your intent at the time was to try and make the board do things your way, I was there, I know it I saw it with my own eyes. 

 Thanks for helping us establish the following as you admitted here that 1) there was no bullying just arguing 2) that you do not represent anyone and that there are maybe only about nine others who are in your group who agree with you so you have no community support 3) that you have no experience in running organisations and contrary to your claim, there is heaps of organisational, business, and media experience on the board, even more than you claim you have. 4) that  while you had your role in the radio, that was not enough for you as you insisted you be able to tell the executive board how to run things and when they would not listen you and your friends went to outsiders (non-Jewish) to try to help you control them (all in the name of saving the radio but your actions belie that smokescreen).  5) That you intentionally went to ACMA and gave them reasons why the license should not be issued 6) you here made open threats to reveal recordings of private meetings with the sole intent of damaging the reputations of board members and thereby further jeopardising the radio's future. I think the readers would agree it is a good thing for the radio you moved out of town where hopefully you will refrain from doing any further damage

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