Sunday, October 2, 2011

Post Rosh Hashana Musings

One of my new year's resolutions is to resume blogging. Another Rosh Hashana has come and gone and we are still in galus (exile). For some reason I feel disappointed after Rosh Hashana (and Yom Kippur) every year because I somehow expect that Moshiach should have come. I think it is because of the shofar blowing, it is so moving and stirring and feels like redemption is upon us. I close my eyes and picture all the Yidden miraculously transported to The Beis Hamikdash (the Holy Temple) and we are all united in song and joy. Then I open my eyes and feel disappointed. However, since Moshaich, it is written, will come when least expected, I shouldn't really anticipate his arrival at the holiest moments of the year, but I still do. Rabbi Zvi Hersh Telsner gave over a beautiful vort before shofar blowing. He said the commandment of shofar blowing is only mentioned in Torah once. We Yidden have been faithfully blowing shofar each and every Rosh Hashan for thousands of years in thousands of cities throughout the ages. Yet, all we ask The Master of the Universe that He give us one single shofar blowing--that of The Great Shofar, the Shofar Hagadol, thereby heralding the coming of Moshaich. He was a bit choked up when he said this and I also became tearful. It was a moving moment for me.

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